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Every Voice Matters: Tabita Luis

Episode 23

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Today’s episode takes you into the heart of creating a more inclusive and equitable future. Our esteemed guest, a pioneer in the DE&I space, joins us to shed light on critical issues:

🔹 Beyond Gender Biases: Understanding and Valuing Different Energies in the Workplace

🔹 The Evolution of DE&I: From Boardroom Agendas to Daily Practices

🔹 Careers in DE&I: Opportunities, Challenges, and Real-world Impact

This conversation goes beyond the surface, touching on how we can collectively work towards a world where equal opportunities aren’t just an ideal, but a reality. If you’re passionate about making a difference, curious about the DE&I landscape, or seeking ways to contribute to a more just society, this episode is a must-listen!

Tune in for an inspiring and thought-provoking discussion that will leave you with new insights and a deeper understanding of the power of inclusivity.

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Episode 23