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Worth listening

If you wanna know what it is that brought people to their success, you will appreciate this podcast. It gives us a unique insight into the minds of successful experts from different fields. And what exactly does being successful mean to them?


Such easy to listen, informational, fun and inspirational

Really nicely done...There are few shortcoming with respect to the audio but nothing major. It is very easy to listen and not very long too. It makes you laugh, make you think and guide for a particular career. It gives you understanding about people's lives, their journey and their perspective towards life, career and dreams. Host knows what she is doing. Definitely Recommended


Love love love

I love this podcast so much! Super interesting and the hosts are so lovely. Definitely recommend giving it a listen. -Love from UK!


Loved it.. listen all the episodes till date.

Starting from first episode till today.. learned something new, felt something similar to my journey, was able to connect. Thanks for such an initiative.. Keep the good work up and going.. Take Care. Keep Smiling ... -  Love from India


Wonderful podcast

What i like about this podcast series is that in each episode you get introduced to new person and their profession. Its interesting to understand about how they follow their passion in profession. I recommend this podcast series to the people of any age group who wants to know about deep insight of different profession. I feel this podcast series will definitely help to students for deciding the right career path. Great job priyanka and keep continue the good work..😇


Awesome stories…

Nice to hear about people’s life, their struggle and success. Motivational episodes. Nice initiative Priyanka.


Variety and Impactful

Ojha has done a great job with these podcast series. The kind of people she is bringing from various background is really good. Looking for some stories from India as well.


Episode with Akash Sachdeva – a really inspirational message.

I liked the tenth episode of the show - Journey of an AI Engineer. There's a part where Priyanka talks about being grateful. It's important to look back at our journey and appreciate the path. From this feeling of gratitude we get fulfillment. And it also gives us motivation to go on — knowing how far we've gone already. A really inspirational message.

Coach Roman Mironov

A must listen if you’re exploring different career paths

The host of People’s stories, Priyanka, is absolutely amazing. I had the pleasure of being interviewed by her and her passion and ability to connect with people is clearly visible. Listen to this podcast if you’re exploring different career paths or just curious about a particular field. This podcast interviews professional from different careers, their motivation behind choosing their career, how did they end up in this field, what skill set is required to succeed, the different challenges they face. From a physicist turned comic artist, to entrepreneurs, to Data Science, this podcast covers a wide variety of topics and has a lot of valuable content. -  Love from US