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Sohil Bhagat : Senior Vice President & Head, Product

Episode 11

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Born and raised in Gurgaon and Delhi in India, Sohil has been paving his journey to success across multiple industries and has a very fulfilling and rewarding career. In this episode we talk about his journey from switching schools, to preparing for medicine but getting in IIT Delhi, about what you can expect being a management consultant, skills that make you an excellent problem solver and generally good at strategic thinking.

Throughout the episode, we have spoken about how creating diversity in your thought process helps in facing challenges, about how important it can be to really figure out what it is that you like doing and going head on into it but also keeping yourself open to the opportunities that might show up. 

Towards the end, you will figure our how balance is the mantra that is keeping Sohil a happy soul!

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Episode 11