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Mastering Business Development: Insights from Mitan Patel

Episode 26

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🌟🎙️ In this enlightening episode of People’s Stories, we sit down with Mitan Patel, a seasoned leader in business development and the European Regional Lead at Fidelity Stock Plan Services. With a career spanning over two decades across prestigious firms like Morgan Stanley, Computershare, and Citigroup, Mitan has carved a niche in the finance industry, especially in equity compensation.

Join us as Mitan opens up about his professional journey, starting with his educational roots and leading to his influential roles in global financial services. He shares invaluable insights into navigating career, building robust business relationships, and mastering the art of communication and strategic partnerships.

Mitan also dives into the challenges and triumphs of his career, offering advice for professionals aspiring to excel in business development and leadership. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, a business development professional, or just interested in the stories behind successful careers, this episode is packed with lessons learned and strategies that drive business growth and personal success. 

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Episode 26