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Journey of a passionate Business Owner and Podcaster #8

Episode 3

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You might have heard about the concept of Ikigai which talks about finding out what you like to do, what are you good at, what is in demand, and then combine all of it to figure out how can you make money while doing something you are passionate about.
Chris has figured it out.
Born and brought up in Wisconsin US, Chris found out that he likes everything about skateboarding and he is naturally good at connecting with people. So he combined both his likes to finally become a skateboard business owner and do his own show called “passionpod”.  Of course, not only is he spending his days doing amazing stuff but also making money out of it.
This is a dream come true. Now,  are you curious about what and how is he doing it? Do you also want to know that one question through which you can figure out your passion? If you answer yes to these questions then tune right on without any further delay!

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Episode 3