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From Teaching to Transforming: Navigating Impact Consulting Careers

Episode 19

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Exciting Conversations in the World of Impact Assessment & Consulting! 

Have you ever considered a career pivot into the world of impact consulting? What if we told you that your skills and experiences could help bring about meaningful change in the development sector? In this enlightening conversation, former economics professor turned impact consultant, Archana Pillai, guides us through her own career transition, shedding light on the rewards and challenges of this intriguing field. 

Archana shares her journey from being a salaried employee to self-employment, providing a testament to the power of self-belief, resilience, and a solid support network. We delve into the opportunities in both public and private sectors, discussing the essential prerequisites and the flexibility of roles. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a novice exploring the sector, this episode is a treasure trove of insights into the application of managerial talent in the development sector.

Lastly, we examine the unique attitudes and qualities that are necessary for a successful career in the development sector. From emotional investment and humility to the satisfaction of achieving goals, we discuss the nuances and subtleties of this fulfilling career path. As we navigate through the world of impact consulting, we encourage you to reflect on your own career goals and aspirations. Don’t miss this insightful exploration into the world of development work!

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Episode 19