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A Podcasting Guide to Empowering Voices with The Thought Bistro

Episode 17

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🚀 Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey to podcasting in just 30 minutes? Join us in our latest episode as we dive into the nitty-gritty of starting a podcast from scratch, completely free of cost! 🎧

🎙️ Akhil and Vishrut, fuelled by their passion for Manchester United and butter chicken, have ventured into the world of podcasting, exploring the lives of entrepreneurs and sharing their stories with the world. With their business backgrounds, their insights into the entrepreneurial space are incredibly relevant and engaging.

In this episode, we discuss some key ideas for those aspiring to dive into the world of podcasting:

1️⃣ Finding Your Topic: Start with what you love and enjoy discussing. Whether it’s driven by a personal background story or an experimentation with topics you’re passionate about, make sure your podcast reflects your interests and sparks genuine enthusiasm.

2️⃣ Depth of Conversations: Choose your podcasting style – free-flowing conversations or a structured agenda. The key is to ensure your guests feel comfortable and enjoy sharing their stories. Audiences appreciate both styles, so choose the approach that resonates with you.

3️⃣ Building Your Audience: Getting your podcast noticed can be a challenge. It’s a volume game, so collaborate with others and intersect with their audiences. Authentic and genuine storytelling will also go a long way in attracting listeners and growing your reach.

4️⃣ Overcoming Comparison: Avoid getting discouraged by comparing yourself to others. Look at fellow podcasters as inspiration, understanding that growth is a journey. Be grateful for every step and remain consistent in producing high-quality content.

Now, let’s explore the technical aspects of creating a podcast episode, end-to-end, on a shoestring budget:

5️⃣ Starting: Don’t wait! Momentum builds as you go along, and you’ll continue to improve with each episode.

6️⃣ Free Podcast Hosting: Explore platforms like Acast, Podbean, or Buzzsprout to host your podcast website for free.

7️⃣ Recording and Editing: Get comfortable with audio recording and editing tools such as Audacity, GarageBand, or Izotope.

8️⃣ Video and Social Media Content Creation: Utilize tools like DaVinci Resolve, and check out Mr. Alex Tech‘s YouTube videos for guidance.

9️⃣ Leveraging YouTube: Post your podcast episodes and content on YouTube to expand your reach.

🔟 AI Tools and Storage Management: Utilize AI tools to clip your episodes into smaller snippets, and efficiently manage storage with proper file and folder naming. Tools like Google Takeout can be helpful for transferring files.

🌟 The key to success lies in consistency and perseverance. Allocate dedicated time each day, commit to learning new tools, and leverage the power of Google search and YouTube tutorials.

🎧 Tune in to this episode to learn valuable lessons from entrepreneurs, including the belief in being a “greater fool,” driving yourself through passion, and debunking the myth of work-life balance.

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Episode 17